This past recession has shown us, as a country, that perhaps we were too optimistic in terms of our liberal practices of commercial zoning.  Commercial property has been zoned at nearly every major intersection in our cities which generally extends outward into our neighborhoods.
I am fortunate to work with Altitude Engineering and Horvat Architects on one of these properties.  Previously, the property was zoned for commercial/office use.  The realities of the area showed that additional commercial use was not needed in this area and the property is therefore in the process of being rezoned for attached single-family uses.

Townhouse Infill Site Plan, Rendering by Olson Planning & Urban Landscapes

The landscape plan above, designed and rendered by Olson Planning & Urban Landscapes, shows four attached townhouses with garage/vehicular access from an alley (private drive for zoning purposes), and front entrances accessed from the street.  Contextually, this use is more complimentary to the neighboring residential neighborhood.