Illustration of the streetcar potential in downtown Colorado Springs. Illustration by J. David Thorpe of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs currently has a feasibility study in the works for a streetcar system.  This is a privately funded study to determine whether or not a streetcar system is feasible in and around downtown Colorado Springs.  At the last meeting over a month ago, the consultants with URS explained where they are in the process and some potential streetcar routes.  Discussion also included financing for the streetcar and the vehicle type.  Results from the public feedback gave preference for a core round-trip route on Tejon Street making the northern turn at Colorado College and the southern turn at the I-25 and Tejon intersection.  The long-term vision for the streetcar is to connect the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs with the core route. 
I personally am very excited about the prospect of a streetcar in Colorado Springs.  I have seen the economic impacts of streetcars in Portland and Memphis and the payoff in terms of economic development are staggering. 
Contrary to the consensus of the public with the desires to have a streetcar loop only on Tejon Street, I would like to see a loop on Cascade Avenue and Tejon Avenue due to the redevelopment opportunities along Cascade Avenue.  I feel that this is exactly what is needed for the future commuter rail station in the southwest urban renewal district and to jump-start the URA district itself. 
The following are the locations that I see receiving the greatest economic impact in terms of redevelopment from a streetcar in Colorado Springs: 

  • North Tejon Street (Boulder Street north to Cache la Poudre
  • North Cascade Avenue (North of Kiowa Street)
  • South Tejon Street (In and around Cimarron Street and south)
  • South Cascade Avenue (South of Pikes Peak Center)
  • Southwest Downtown URA District
  • North Nevada and North Weber Avenue (North of Colorado College to Garden of the Gods Road)
  • South Nevada (In and around the Lowell Neighborhood and south to Southgate)

Tonight’s meeting will be at 5:30 pm at the University Center at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Room 116 A&B). 
The following link is for the Colorado Springs Streetcar Website: Streetcar Link