The following is an compilation of tweets from the CNU19 Congress in Madison, WI this past week that were either originally tweeted by me, or retweeted by me.  You can follow me on twitter at @JO_Urbanist (JO_Urbanist)
RT @mschartley: “you can’t have a townhouse without a town. Otherwise you just have a house with a really small yard”. Andres Duany 5 Jun
RT @helenshealth: RT @planetizen: Bikes can carry 3 times the population that cars can (on the same roads). Peter Calthorpe #CNU19 5 Jun
RT @newurbanmom: RT @NewUrbanism “We need a joint religion without too much burning at the stake.”- Duany, #cnu19. 5 Jun
#CNU19 was amazing this year in #Madison! So much energy from our inter-disciplinary group. Already excited for #cnu20 in Palm Beach, FL! 5 Jun
RT @stevemouzon: Your Photoshopped ghosted figures will be ghosts because you get the street frontages wrong. ~Duany #CNU19 4 Jun
RT @stevemouzon: Density and urbanism are not the same thing. ~Duany #CNU19 4 Jun
RT @NuevoUrbanista: “You (Waldheim) have more things in common with New Urbanism than your buddies in Harvard” – Duany #CNU19 4 Jun
Duany: The Landscape Urbanists took the determinants (ecology), celebrated it & used it. #cnu19 4 Jun
RT @KarjaCH: #cnu19 wait wait, i have a solution – can someone just give waldheim the definition of urbanism/urban? He seems confused. 4 Jun
RT @mjl_urbanist: #cnu19 waiting to see a landscape urbanism project, only landscape architecture so far 4 Jun
Lisa Taranto: “Permaculture is becoming… not such a radical idea” (Lisa) #cnu19 4 Jun
Todd_BDG Todd W. Bonnett: program is most overrated thing in #arch. If bldg is lovable & durable it will serve many uses through it’s lifetime. @Stevemouzon #cnu19 4 Jun
@stevemouzon: “Sustainability is not something that you get by going shopping” #cnu19 4 Jun
“We have to learn how to live sustainability on all places… Not just T-2 for growing our own food or T-6 where auto-independent.” #cnu19 4 Jun
Steve Mouzon: “don’t believe the promise of no maintenance.” #cnu19 4 Jun
Steve Mouzon: “if a piece of vinyl siding fails, you have to either deal with the mismatch or take the whole side down.” #cnu19 4 Jun
Steve Mouzon: “Lovability is a higher standard than beauty.” #cnu19 4 Jun
Steve Mouzon: “If a building cannot be loved, it will not last.” #cnu19 4 Jun
It seems that there are more wheels from bikes and strollers downtown right now than vehicles. #CNU19 #Madison 4 Jun
I love that #Madison has so many cyclists that ride to get somewhere, not just recreation. #CNU19 4 Jun
RT @reconnecting: RT @Infrastructor: #cnu19 Mayor Soglin: “Make no small plans, but try to keep your mistakes small and inexpensive.” 4 Jun
#Madison BCycle bike sharing program… Only couple weeks old #CNU19 3 Jun
mjl_urbanist Matthew John Lambert: #cnu19 Rob Sharp on Sprawl Repair: because we’re fixing “corridors of crap”, it’s easy to have successes. 3 Jun
myurbangen Eliza Harris: Not ok: Tower in the parking lot, tower on hi rise cake. ~Polyzoides #cnu19 3 Jun
Sprawl Retrofit #cnu19 suburbs will get developed regardless, better to have a walkable alternative than let the ‘burbs go conventional. 3 Jun
Conversation in Ballroom D #cnu19 about sprawl retrofit. Challenge from audience of new #urbanism in the suburbs. 3 Jun
myurbangen Eliza Harris: China. 1/4 mile wide blocks are NOT ok. The urban DNA has been all messed up by the modernists. – Peter Calthorpe #cnu19 3 Jun
June Williamson: “The suburbs ain’t your grandmothers suburbs anymore.” #cnu19 3 Jun
hborys Hazel Borys: Create “life-span homes” out of places people live today. ~Henry Cisneros #cnu19 3 Jun
myurbangen Eliza Harris: When I say hi-rise I don’t mean with highways. ~Glaeser #cnu19 3 Jun
SmartGrowthCCMC Collab. Communities: “@Halbur: A city full of sustainable buildings is not a sustainable city. Stephan Polyzoides #CNU193 Jun
RT @clmarohn: Glaeser: How much better off would Detroit be if they had spent $300 million on their schools instead of a monorail? #CNU19 3 Jun
RT @myurbangen: What New Urbanists do best. Access history through study and access reality through observations ~Polyzoides #cnu19 3 Jun
CNU_Colorado CNU Colorado: Colorado #cnu19 attendees, come join us this evening at the Tipsy Cow at 102 King Street (Eastern corner of Capitol Square)! 7-8 pm. 3 Jun
Incorporating the Principles of the New #Urbanism in the T-3 Sector of the Urban-to-Rural Transect: 3 Jun
Todd_BDG Todd W. Bonnett: Signed copies of @andres_duany new book ‘Agrarian Urbanism’ available tonight at #CNU19, #projectlodge, #ng8 2 Jun
HoustonTomorrow Houston Tomorrow: #cnu19 Andres Duany: “Growing food has become the one thing that if you want to sell real estate in the 21st century you have to do.” 2 Jun
HoustonTomorrow Houston Tomorrow: #cnu19 Andres Duany: First principle of agrarian urbanism is agricultural retention. Don’t lose the farms you have! 2 Jun
Victor Dover’s artwork has now arrived at the Silent Auction #cnu19. Auction is next to the great organization CNT (@CNT_tweets) 2 Jun
myurbangen Eliza Harris: CNU is ten years behind on bicycle design –@MikeLydon #cnu19 2 Jun
myurbangen Eliza Harris: “Bicycling is a very cheap date” quoted by Tim Blumenthal #cnu19 2 Jun
myurbangen Eliza Harris: New Urbanists look for the root problem. Not just band aids. – DeWayne Carver #Cnu19 2 Jun
suhender Susan Henderson: @andres_duany ~ The relentless need of the plants’ need for sun creates a new architectural syntax responding to orientation. #CNU19 2 Jun
#LID debate about density as #Stormwater #bmp right now… Consider 1000 DUs/ 100 acres, same pollution on less land than 100 DUs/100 acres. 2 Jun
Larry Coffman: “It’s the ignorance of the professionals implementing #LID, not just LID itself that is the problem.” #cnu19 #stormwater 2 Jun
I really enjoyed the Open Source Plenary this morning at #cnu19 Build a Better Block group was tremendous. Great Tactical #urbanism thoughts 2 Jun
Tom Low: “Daylighting & celebrating, not paving and piping.” #cnu19 #stormwater 2 Jun
Tom Low: “New Urbanists don’t know anything about natural systems, landscape Urbanists don’t know anything about placemaking.” #cnu19 2 Jun
SprawledOut John Michlig: RT @bobdal: RT @NuevoUrbanista: “It’s not about how fast people move, it is about how long they linger” #CNU19 #LivableCommunities 2 Jun
myurbangen Eliza Harris: We need to establish that architects can/should copy from each other –@andres_duany #NG8 #CNU19 1 Jun
Duany: “I do not use the word ‘style’ I use the word ‘syntax’.” #cnu19 #ng8 1 Jun
“The correctly done window detail is the one that best addresses the local climate.” #cnu19 #ng8 1 Jun
Jed Selby: Concept of no maintenance is not true. Earlier requirement for full replacement. #cnu19 #ng8 1 Jun
Jed Selby: “I think what is important is that buildings remain timeless & functional throughout generations.” #cnu19 #ng8 1 Jun
Edward_Erfurt Edward Erfurt: “we cannot afford to build things that aren’t meant to last” @south_main #cnu19 #NG8 1 Jun
Jed Selby: “fortunate to not have a modernist background in architecture.” #cnu19 #ng8 1 Jun
NYC’s Hudson Park designed a maze at the entrance to the park. Does this mean that Michael Van Valkenburgh thinks of people as rats? #ng8 1 Jun
myurbangen Eliza Harris: Worst insult from an urbanist to an architect “that’s a very nice sculpture” #ng8 @ebkent #CNU19 1 Jun
“The Guggenheim is a beautiful piece of sculpture… But it degrades the public environment around it.” #cnu19 #ng8 1 Jun
myurbangen Eliza Harris: Modern planning has successfully created many pedestrian free zones – @ebkent #ng8 #CNU19 1 Jun
clmarohn Charles Marohn: Ethan Kent: “You are not a good place unless you have a parking problem.” #CNU19 #NG8 1 Jun
myurbangen Eliza Harris: Great places are layered: 10 things to do in a place, 10 places in a district/destinations, 10 destinations in a metro #ng8 #CNU19 1 Jun
“We are moving people around more and more. We are getting less and less.” Ethan Kent #cnu19 #ng8 1 Jun
clmarohn Charles Marohn: Yes, it really is that simple: narrow the streets. #CNU19 #NG8 1 Jun
@DanBurden “Livability is all about how much we continually invest in places that we love” #cnu19 1 Jun
@DanBurden “‘happiness’ is lacking in the US. Peaked in the 60s, has since decreased & flat-lined.” #cnu19 1 Jun
@DanBurden “Streets that will make the most money are those that are best designed for social exchange” #cnu19 1 Jun
@DanBurden “those that will meet the needs of the community, will make the most money.” #cnu19 1 Jun
NewUrbanism NewUrbanism: Jeff Speck at New Urbanism 101: “the reason everyone is driving is because drivers aren’t paying the real cost of driving” 1 Jun
Arrived for #cnu19 last night… Looking forward to @DanBurden presentation followed up by #ng8! 1 Jun