American Makeover is a future film series about new urbanism by the makers of last year’s CNU Award winning video titled “Built to Last”, which was created pro bono. The coming 6 episode series on new urbanism will feature 6 different U.S. cities and everyone has a chance to be a part of it. Earlier today, I donated to the cause and I hope the other new urban enthusiasts will do the same. The cost to donate is a mere $5, but other beneficial packages are also offered by the group for donating more. Please join me in donating for this great video series. On the right hand side of my website (, you will see the information regarding where they are at in fundraising at this point, or the following is a link directly to their website where you can see a short video about the upcoming series:
In addition, this is a link to the YouTube of last year’s award-winning video “Built To Last”: