The following illustrations are of the tree lawn area (or the landscaped area between the curb and the sidewalk) in the Spring Creek TND in Colorado Springs.  Problems with this area include migration of mulch and icy sidewalks on the north facing townhomes (due to lack of sunlight).  I am proposing that instead of the current domed approach (or convex) with the plantings, that we create a depressed area (or concave) for the plantings.  This will accomplish a few objectives:
     1.  Storm run-off will be directed and utilized within the tree lawn instead of pooling on the sidewalks.
     2.  Currently un-irrigated tree island will utilize the stormwater.
     3.  The depressed area will aid in protecting and keeping the mulch within the planter.  Organic mulch may still migrate in our climate, but this will assist in maintaining as much as possible.