Shifting the

Status quo

Urban Design for Human Well-Being

“The way we develop our cities (the Suburban Experiment) is bankrupting us and endangering our neighborhoods through a nationwide housing crisis, dangerously designed streets, lack of transparency in city finances, endless highway expansion, and huge, wasteful parking lots”.


A Better Approach to Urban Planning

Our Approach

We advocate, collaborate, and lead.

Urban Landscapes partners with developers, local government officials, architects, engineers, and the broader public to create cost-effective, dynamic projects that make an impact. We lead with experience, insight, and strategic guidance throughout the process.

We fight for what we believe is the best solution and champion ideas that improve quality of life, work in harmony with the natural landscape, and are financially successful for clients and communities.

We create interconnectivity.

The ability to live, work, and play within a walkable, car-independent community creates healthier, wealthier, and happier humans.

We overcome obstacles.

We are problem solvers. We use our experience and passion for sustainable development to understand needs and anticipate issues in order to solve problems as or before they arise.

We transform conventional processes.

We create innovative and alternative solutions to traditional planning and development formulas. We think differently and adapt new processes — often resulting in unique and inspired design and planning solutions.

We encourage a collaborative process with the community and stakeholders to ensure that spaces are designed to create sustainable, profitable, and inspiring places for all.

Our Services

Master Planning

Our firm specializes in master planning with a passion for the principles of new urbanism and smart growth. We design vibrant communities that prioritize human-scaled design, integrated green spaces, softscaping, and mixed-use walkable neighborhoods. From revitalizing urban cores to creating eco-friendly suburbs, we design places that matter and create lasting impact.

Urban Landscape Design

Our landscape design approach blends functionality with aesthetics. Specializing in xeriscape and streetscape solutions, we design environments that bring indoor and outdoor spaces together with beauty, sustainability, and minimal maintenance. Whether rejuvenating city streets or revitalizing public parks, we prioritize water and maintenance efficiency to ensure lasting beauty and environmental stewardship.

Small Infill Design

From vacant lots to empty buildings, we excel in compact, mixed-use developments that create identity, community, and belonging within existing urban environments. We optimize land use, maximize density, and prioritize access to transit and amenities to transform underutilized spaces into vibrant hubs of activity, enriching the neighborhood and improving quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Hospitality and Entertainment

Placemaking is all about creating memorable places. We craft hospitality and entertainment spaces that embrace modern trends, innovative design, and functionality to foster deeper connections. From eco-conscious lodging to local markets to experiential entertainment venues, we design places people love to live, work, and play.

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