We have all learned a lot these past few weeks. New terms, new phrases and for some, new ways to adapt to the rapidly changing world.

COVID-19 has wrecked havoc across most communities across the country – across the world. While it is increasingly important to heed the warnings, wash your hands, remain 6-feet apart, etc., etc., we also need to learn to adapt and do so in a nimble manner.

The devastation to local businesses, in particular third places (see A Third Place in Colorado Springs) such as coffee shops and bars has been great. The product isn’t necessarily what is consumed or purchased, it is the  conversations and connections that are made. That is not a product easily sold six-feet apart.

To that end, I’m incredibly proud of my friend, Russ Ware, the owner of Good Neighbors, a beloved third place for coffee, drinks and delicious assorted food.

Note that somewhat coincidentally, Good Neighbors Meeting House was referenced in the aforementioned article about Third Places, though it was under prior ownership and called “Dogtooth Coffee.

Russ and Good Neighbors took the cards dealt, understood the duration of time that this could be before it is all sorted out, AND knew what was really needed. In a matter of days, Good Neighbors became a place to serve their neighbors with local food and goods. The infrastructure was effectively in place to become a local market, and at a scale that works for the neighborhood.

Bravo Good Neighbors! I hope that their lessons in adaptability can be repeated not only in Colorado, but across the country. If you’re aware of others adapting to the current Corona Virus realities, let me know. I would love to hear from you and spread some good news!

Roll up your sleeves and make some lemonade, friends!