Silky Thread Grass. Source:

As I have mentioned before in the post, HOA Landscape Retrofit , I am working on retrofitting the plantings along the fronts of several townhouses in Spring Creek.  I have finished the planting palette and location of the proposed planting and the plantings are now going out to bid to a couple of landscape contractors.  I feel that the new plantings are going to be a great improvement.  The landscaped area ranges in-depth from 18-in to as much as 6-ft in some locations.  It was amazing to see a plant like Blue Mist Spirea, which is a shrub that grew to be 8-ft in diameter, specified in a space of only 18-in.  In these tighter spaces, I am proposing a row of Calamagrostis (or Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass) or a row of Nassella (or Silky Thread Grass).  I am a firm believer in the presence of ornamental grasses in a landscape in our arid environment.  The texture added to the landscape is beautiful especially with the often graceful dancing of the grasses in the wind.  Both Calamagrostis and Nassella are also xeric, which means that they require little water.