This landscape retrofit included Silky Thread Grass, or Nassella tenuissima, in replacement of large spireas.

Previously, I wrote blog posts about a landscape retrofit in Spring Creek, a southern Colorado TND.  The issue that was presented along the Spring Creek Townhomes was the presence of large plantings located in narrow spaces.  Some of the areas, such as the location in the image to the right, included Blue Mist Spirea and other shrubs too large for the confined space.  The solution that I had presented to the HOA board was to include smaller plant material that can maintain the xeric precedent of the landscape, yet contextually fit within the space provided.  The landscape retrofit included the rejuvenation of 100 plants and the replacement of 100 more.  New plants included are Karl Forester Feather Reed Grass, Silky Thread Grass, Potentilla, and smaller varieties of Spirea.  The following are previous posts related to this landscape retrofit: Planting Retrofit Along Sidewalk; HOA Landscape Retrofit – Spacing for Plantings
Installation of the landscape was provided by Robertson’s Landscaping.