The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installation, Energy and Environment, Ms. Katherine Hammack, announced the “winners” of a voluntary request by 100 applications to become Net Zero in three categories on Tuesday, 19 April 2011.  The categories for Net Zero are “Net Zero Energy“; “Net Zero Water“; “Net Zero Waste“; and “Integrated Net Zero Installations“.  The first three are fairly self-explanatory, however the third category “Integrated Net Zero” essentially states that it will meet all three categories of Energy, Water and Waste.  Further definitions can be attained at the DOD Energy Blog.
Fort Carson The Mountain Post, south of Colorado Springs, was one of two Installations that are planning to achieve “Net Zero” for Energy, Water and Waste by Fiscal Year 2020.  This is an ambitious goal for an Army Installation, but it is attainable through cooperative efforts of all the Directorates at Fort Carson.
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