Land Entitlements for Vacated Golf Courses

April 21, 2010

I have recently faced an issue that I see becoming a common issue as the golf industry continues to decline and the costs and availability of water continues to decrease.  That issue is what to do with the excess number of golf courses that our country accumulated from the 1970’s through the 1990’s.  We were to determine the feasibility of the existing golf course and what alternatives available for the course.
Full Story: Land Entitlements and Redevelopment Options for Golf Courses

Golf Course and Driving Range Redevelopment. Illustration by John Olson.


on Land Entitlements for Vacated Golf Courses.
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    Thanks dude, that is extremely nice information, much appreciated.

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    My pleasure Curt. Part of the trick to get the patio homes approved was showing that our densities still fit in to the context of the golf course and really met the intent of the original master plan. This was a long two+ year battle with numerous HOA’s, and I cannot emphasize the importance of the public process for any infill project. Especially one where an HOA can consider it a “taking”.

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