It’s Earth Day, so of course, it made perfect sense to plant a tree! Because, we are a Landscape Architecture office, there were a few choices where we could plant a tree. This year, we decided to do so at Working Fusion – Colorado Springs’ Own Tiny Home Village!

Urban Landscapes celebrated Earth Day with the purchase and installation of Working Fusion at Mill Street’s first new tree! (Left to Right: Ryan Bowman, Sherry MacWilliam, and John Olson)

What is Working Fusion?

Working Fusion is a homeless prevention initiative. More information about the mission and goals of Working Fusion can be found here: WORKING FUSION

The community has now raised enough money to fund ALL 18 homes, which is quite incredible! However, the heavy lifting is not yet done, money is still needed for site improvements, furnishings and ongoing programming costs. The Non-Profit Organization, We Fortify, wants to do all that it can to give these kids a great head start on life. To contribute to Working Fusion, please consider donating here:

Urban Landscapes is working with We Fortify to update landscape design among other additions that have progressed since this project was approved. This work is just ahead of a major planting day for the Tiny Home Village in two weeks. To date, Working Fusion has five homes and five residents. We look forward to the next two homes rolling on site in the coming weeks and hope that you enjoy the pictures provided here. Come back to get up-to-date information about the progress of the Tiny Home Village.

If you would like to join in and volunteer and help with working Fusion’s next work days where we’ll be painting (April 30) and installing landscape (May 6), follow this link: See you there!

Left to Right: Ryan Bowman, John Olson, Shelley Jensen, We Fortify CEO, and Sherry MacWilliam
Left to Right: Ryan Bowman, John Olson, and Sherry MacWilliam of Urban Landscapes; Shelley Jensen, We Fortify CEO
To be fair, Ryan and Sherry really did all the digging for the tree, but John helped dig the stake.
To date, Working Fusion doesn’t have irrigation. We loosened the cap slightly and punched a hole in the bottle in hopes of a slow drip irrigation for our Earth Day tree!