Kansas City is a midwestern city that is very much known for its sprawl and highway system (prominent link between the two), however it is home to one of the greatest places in the country in terms of urbanism. The Country Club Plaza, found a couple miles north of downtown, provides a template for any urbanist to study and understand good urbanism. It does not have particularly large buildings, in fact, much of the retail/restaurant areas of the plaza are two stories. There are a good number of hotels, condominiums and apartments surrounding the area however. Since I hold this place to such a high standard, I make it a point to visit the plaza each time in Kansas City (usually every other year). This visit, I was very short for time, but I was able to get there around 10 am on a cold and windy Thursday morning (yesterday). Enjoy the following photos.

My wife and two daughters (5 & 2) posing with one of the many rabbits currently in the plaza for Easter.