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The devastation of the recent wildfires still occurring in and around Colorado Springs have weighed heavily on my mind this past week. Several homes have been destroyed, human casualties have occurred and thousands of people have been displaced.
However, the resilience of the community of Colorado Springs though is incredibly evident. There is a positive outlook and many are beginning to think about the rebuilding efforts. This makes me quite proud of our community, and of course our emergency responders and folks behind the scenes doing the best for our community.
As the regional emergency responders and firefighters work to put out the current natural disaster, we must remain cognizant of the post-fire potential disasters. Landslides, sometimes referred to as mudslides, are a very real and potential threat to a community recently affected by a fire. They often catch residents off-guard because rain is what is needed most during and after a fire. We hope, pray, and even dance for a rain storm. A quick fix though can often be more detrimental to the long-term effects of disasters.
I have begun to compile a list of website articles that are useful in understanding what can be done to decrease the threat of landslides:
How to Prepare and Be Safe During a Landslide
Homeowner’s Landslide Guide
Mud Slides After Wildfires
I will continue to add to this list as I find more information, but please be safe and aware of your surroundings if you live, or are traveling through an area recently burned by the fire.
On a brighter note, I and many others would like to ask you to please help support Colorado and Colorado Springs through several outlets listed on the Colorado Springs Government website.
I encourage you to also give Colorado Springs and Colorado high consideration for your next vacation as support for our small businesses. We will be open again soon as the incredible tourism center of Colorado with several area attractions on and around Pikes Peak.
Fans of urbanism and planning, you may be interested in visiting over the weekend of September 21 and September 22, 2012 when we have our first Better Block. Better Block Pikes Peak will occur in the heart of Downtown! This will be an interactive demonstration of potential ideas for Downtown and the Community-at large.