The following is my brief 2-minute portion for the Collaborative Design Group presentation for the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners. The presentation was for the Catalytic Downtown Design and the slides can be found here.  Additional information from the two presentations will be posted here as well as in the coming weeks.

The potential build out of Castle Rock is a lively downtown village square built upon the foundation of small towns where the downtown is not only a Center of Commerce, but also a Center for Celebration and a place where residents and visitors can live, work, learn, shop and play.
Wilcox Square offers opportunities for residents and business owners to grow their own food within the center of commerce through the use of Urban Agriculture. Garden plots for small crop production activity has great potential within the square itself, along with the flat land overlooking Interstate 25 that today is part of a larger parking lot. These are places where downtown restaurants can grow produce, herbs and flowers for their restaurants.
The City and County have the potential to benefit in a landscape that is beautiful, productive and educational—and the maintenance can be provided by others who have a vested interest in the landscape.

A component of the landscape in Downtown Castle Rock is this ‘learning’ component instilled in the practices that Castle Rock has become a state leader in—Xeriscape. As you know, different plants are appropriate for different locations depending on how rural or urban that they might be. The CDG Team proposal designates two different demonstration areas for the more naturalizing plant material (which is south of downtown along the trail in what we have referred to as the Rhyolite Garden) and the more urban appropriate plant material (which is at the western entrance to the Wilcox Building). Appropriate signage is provided for the plant material along with Smart Phone capable QR Codes to provide additional information for interested users.
As we zoom into the Square itself, you will note that the full build-out maintains the DMV parking spaces as a means of convenience. Other parking will be handled with on-street parking.
Raised seat walls are provided around the existing trees along Wilcox for passive seating and events, such as the Star Lighting.
The formal landscape remains along Wilcox Square, with the more refined green turfgrass that the region has grown accustomed to. Lawns such as this are an important element when provided in moderation for passive recreation.
In closing we would again like to thank you for this unique opportunity. It truly has been exciting for us and we are humbled to be a part. Thank you!
Click here for a video of the Closing movie file from the presentation: