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Placemaking that Prospers—for People and the Planet

A Better World is Possible

We Believe

Shifting the status quo is imperative.

Rapid urbanization, suburban sprawl, and the degradation of natural resources have strained infrastructure, exacerbated social inequalities, and threatened environmental sustainability. New urban planning approaches foster deeper human connections, mitigate climate change, and build communities that are resilient, equitable, and prosperous for future generations.

People bring vitality to places.

People who love where they live, work, and play enliven spaces with their energy, vibrancy, and community spirit. Diversity, creativity, and collaboration contribute to the dynamic and evolving character of a space, create a place of connection and belonging.

It’s essential to create places sustainably.

Sustainable design not only protects the planet but also enhances human health and well-being. It ensures that our built environments preserve natural resources for the future and are resilient and adaptable to climate change and other challenges.

We need to start now.

It’s not too late the change the way we approach growth and development. Join us to create neighborhoods, towns, and cities that are safe, livable, financially resilient, and inspiring places for all.

Landscape Architects

John Olson

John’s passion and dedication is creating inspiring places that foster deeper connections with each other and our natural environment. With over two decades of experience integrating smart growth principles across various project types, John’s strength is creating innovative and sustainable solutions, engaging a wide variety of stakeholders, and leading projects from vision to implementation and beyond.
John earned his Landscape Architecture degree from Kansas State University. He has a passion and vested interest in projects that enrich the Colorado Springs area in which he and his wife of over twenty years have lived and raised their family of five.
John’s commitment extends to serving on multiple boards. Recognized for his impact, he currently serves as Chair of the Colorado Springs Urban Renewal Authority and Co-Chair of ULI Southern Colorado. He helped found the Colorado Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism, and Colorado Springs Urban Intervention. John is an Accredited New Urbanist, Registered Landscape Architect, and LEED Accredited Professional.
Landscape Architect

Ryan Bowman

Ryan’s experience as a Landscape and Urban Designer spans a large spectrum in the landscape architectural realm. Through his experience at a largely engineering-based firm, he also possesses great experience in the layout of utilities and grading design. He specializes in computer generated 3D Modeling, working in AutoCAD and finishing everything up in the Adobe Suite of software. He is studying to get his license in landscape architecture in Colorado. He strives for his designs to be as natural as possible, working with the culture, site and the land.

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