I hope that you enjoy the following Tweets from the past 3 weeks. I apologize that they took so long this year, I wanted to get the CNU tweets included in this post. #CNU21 will be in Salt Lake City one year from now, at which I full plan to attend… Ideally via AmTrak from Denver. Enjoy the tweets and remember that you can follow me on Twitter (@JO_Urbanist)
May 16, 12:47pm via Tweet Button Why More Free Content Means You Can’t Miss CNU 21 wp.me/pr9fb-50 via @myurbangen (Congrats on the Election too Eliza!)
May 16, 12:39pm via HootSuite @UrbanDenver Nice article for the CNU Colorado website! Thanks for writing it!ow.ly/aXnv9
May 15, 2:42pm via UberSocial for BlackBerry RT @SpringsAlliance: @JO_Urbanist There are SO many empty, field-ish lots nearby that I always eyeball because I’d like to grow stuff there.
May 15, 2:02pm via HootSuite 4 tips for starting a farm in your cityow.ly/1McPR9 #UrbanGardens #LandArch
May 15, 1:04pm via UberSocial for BlackBerry RT @kevinklink: cool planning job opportunity – town of Buena Vista, CO looking for a new planning director.
May 15, 12:01pm via HootSuite At 20, CNU gets a fresh look ow.ly/1McN2W A recap of the Congress including commentary of Solomon v Duany #urbanism
May 15, 10:02am via HootSuite The Right approach to Green Inclusive Revitalization ow.ly/1McLTz via @Kaid_at_NRDC
May 15, 9:01am via HootSuite Why do we tax car sharing like it’s liquor or cigarettes? ow.ly/1McKtX #COSprings on worst offender list
May 15, 7:52am via UberSocial for BlackBerry A Great Planning Director Position opened up in #Colorado –Fellow Urbanists please contact me for more info #in
May 13, 4:19pm via Tweet Button Chipotle serves more naturally raised meat and local produce than any other US restaurant company. chipotle.com/en-US/fwi/fwi_… #FWI fact
May 12, 4:16pm via Web @NewUrbanism “Creating neighborhoods to walk in adds years to your life.” – Dr. Richard Jackson |#cnu20
May 12, 4:16pm via Twitter for iPhone @stevemouzon Creating environments people want to walk in is a public health gift. Dick Jackson#CNU20
May 12, 4:30pm via Twitter for iPhone @stevemouzon We must learn to put children at the centers of our communities. Stefanos Polyzoides#CNU20
May 12, 4:36pm via Twitter for iPhone @stevemouzon if we do not have an authentic relationship with food, we do not have an authentic culture. Stefanos Polyzoides #CNU20
May 12, 4:43pm via Twitter for iPhone @myurbangen No one wants to live in a fake place. -Liz Moule #cnu20
May 12, 7:05am via HootSuite Married to a New Urbanist ow.ly/1M4OCwGreat Presentation @Edward_Erfurt@michelleerfurt Wish I could have seen it live! #CNU20
May 11, 9:18am via Twitter for iPhone @JonFord_MBD “We’ve had a contract for 10 years, I think it’s finally time to publish the Lexicon of the New Urbanism. It’s finished.” -Andres #cnu20
May 11, 9:34am via Twitter for iPhone @myurbangen Kevin Klinkenberg proposes fare free transit#cnu20 #cnuopen
May 11, 9:43am via Mobile Web @JoeUrbanist “The bus – the Rodney Dangerfield of transit” – Kevin Klinkenberg #cnu20.
May 11, 12:35pm via Twitter for iPad @stevemouzon Building a house like a thermos bottle creates a host of problems ~Dan Slone#CNU20
May 11, 12:57pm via HootSuite @mikelydon “don’t invest in poor places, invest in poor people.” – mayor destefano #cnu20
May 11, 2:00pm via Twitter for iPhone @MarkSchrieber With urban transit, frequency is more important than speed, you spend more time waiting for service than on it #CNU20
May 11, 2:18pm via Twitter for iPad @DoverKohl When you build big buildings and one of them doesn’t succeed, you have a big eyesore to deal with. ~Robert Davis. #cnu20
May 11, 3:48pm via Samsung Mobile @clmarohn “The best neighborhoods became the ones nobody thought to touch.” Richard Florida at#CNU20twitpic.com/9jxezv
May 11, 4:04pm via Twitter for iPad @stevemouzon Jacobs: Innovation doesn’t come from a company; it comes from a city. Richard Florida #CNU20
May 11, 4:09pm via Web @NewUrbanism “The kind of density we want is Jane Jacobs-density.” @Richard_Florida #cnu20
May 11, 4:19pm via Twitter for iPad @stevemouzon Quality of place requires respect of its history (saving its old buildings) and great integration of built & natural Richard Florida#CNU20
May 10, 7:54am via Twitter for iPad @stevemouzon The automobile allows self-segregation ~Andrés Duany, #CNU20
May 10, 7:46am via HootSuite Live streaming #CNU20 with #Twitter helps folks like me be engaged who couldn’t otherwise be there. Thank you Eliza! @myurbangen
May 10, 7:25am via Twitter for iPhone @myrubangen Solomon says by trying to codify our beliefs we’re become just another bureaucratic advocacy org. More hyper-regulation -Dan Solomon #cnu20
May 10, 7:17am via Twitter for iPad @hborys #CNU20 challenges the “I know one thing certitude.” ~ Dan Solomon
May 10, 7:14am via Twitter for iPhone @myurbangen Duany has formed an intellectual straight jacket that he himself has never put more than one arm in. -Dan Solomon #cnu20
May 10, 7:06am via Tweet Button @NewUrbanism WATCH Live: Looking Forward: New Urbanism and the New World | Andres Duany, Dan Solomon, Jennifer Hurley,#cnu20bit.ly/J33vdm
May 10, 6:26am via UberSocial for BlackBerry RT @YahyaHenry: Complete Streets: One Size Does Not Fit All: bit.ly/JdZlmz #in
May 10, 6:12am via UberSocial for BlackBerry @RealMattyMcBoy Glad to hear you are enjoying the tweets. Best of luck in school!
May 09, 10:00pm via Web @RealMattyMcBoy @JO_Urbanist Please do! You have helped keep me clued in this semester. And some of your tweets found their way into my work.
May 09, 9:57pm via Twitter for iPad Just realized that I broke the threshold of 1,000 #twitter followers yesterday! Thank you all, I’ll keep the #urbanism #CPlan news coming.
May 09, 9:42pm via HootSuite Thank you for the great tweets @myurbangen & @Edward_Erfurt … I’m feeling withdrawal from missing #CNU20this year. Your tweets help.
May 09, 7:40am via Twitter for iPhone @myurbangen A “stroad” is the futon of transportation. It does a lot of things but nothing very well and it’s the default – @clmarohn @cnunextgen#cnu20
May 09, 7:46am via Twitter for iPhone @myurbangen Tell the fire chief this: More children die from fast roads than any other cause after infancy – @clmarohn @cnunextgen #cnu20
May 09, 9:14am via Twitter for iPhone @myurbangen This little moat of grass by the sidewalk? Just don’t do it. It’s an admission of failure. -@burlesona @cnunextgen #cnu20#NextGen9
May 09, 10:05am via Twitter for iPhone @myurbangen Stop striping parking lots! They’re rarely filled with cars -Ian Ross @cnunextgen #cnu20#NextGen9
May 09, 10:23am via Twitter for iPhone @myurbangen The first responders to a disaster are your neighbors. Its good to know your neighbors. -@townhousecenter @cnunextgen #cnu20#NextGen9
May 09, 8:01am via HootSuite US obesity rates continue to soar, in part because of automobile dependence #healthow.ly/1LVe2h via @Kaid_at_NRDC
May 08, 1:01pm via HootSuite The Uncertain Legacy of America’s Pedestrian Malls ow.ly/1LSfKn
May 08, 12:54pm via UberSocial for BlackBerry RT @pfrench99 @blackurbanist To bottom-line it, it’s not so much what we eat but that we eat way too much of it. We must eat less, move more
May 08, 12:01pm via HootSuite Renting Prosperity: ow.ly/1LSfe0 via #WSJThis is a great article challenging the fundamentals of the “American Dream”
May 08, 11:01am via HootSuite Maybe it’s not the food itself, it’s the way we eat ow.ly/1LSdX4 via @blackurbanist
May 08, 10:01am via HootSuite Great City Characteristics Make us Happy. Unless they don’t. ow.ly/1LScD3 via @Kaid_at_NRDC
May 08, 9:03am via HootSuite This or That #1: LEED Accreditation vs LEED Certification ow.ly/1LSbJi #EVstudio
May 07, 9:56pm via HootSuite Anytime! Hope you enjoy your week! @hblackson: @JO_Urbanist thanks for all the RTs! Cheers!
May 07, 9:15pm via UberSocial for BlackBerry Thanks @Todd_BDG I wish I could make it, amazing location. Would like to go if only to spend time on the beach. Have a great time!#cnu20
May 07, 8:01am via HootSuite RT @hblackson: Taos, El Paso, Denver, Miami, Kona, Montgomery, and now Cincinnati all use form-based codescin.ci/IFgTIK
May 07, 6:35am via Camera on iOS @JeremySomer Kicking off the Magical Mystery Tour 2012 with Geoffrey Mouen at Celebration, fl #cnu20pic.twitter.com/QjSQqkzS
May 07, 7:15am via Facebook @HinerLandscapes Thanks Steve and Debbie for the beautiful testimonial! After retiring, we wanted to modernize our patio in order…fb.me/1p2qHeb62
May 06, 8:26pm via HootSuite A blog post from my archives: Coding for Occasional Greater Setbacks ow.ly/aJDkG#urbanism #formbasedcodes #LandArch #in
May 05, 5:16pm via UberSocial for BlackBerry Although the sun went behind the clouds, still a great day for running the park sprinklers #COSpringslockerz.com/s/206766024
May 05, 2:30pm via HootSuite RT @CDG_Team in the process of cleaning up & organizing future office. We’re activating the Poet Lofts @ Lowell with CDG & most assoc. firms
May 05, 7:26am via Twitter for iPad I received word yesterday that I will be presenting “Incremental #Urbanism” @ 2012 APA CO Conference in Oct @ Snowmass#TacticalUrbanism
May 05, 6:40am via UberSocial for BlackBerry RT @bobdal: Autos By the Hour: How Car Sharing is a New Alternative to Buying – KDAF wp.me/p14oaF-Yj
May 04, 9:27pm via Twitter for iPad I’m bummed that I am going to miss #cnu20next week. Great conference & in W. Palm Beach too. Too much to do… #GoodAndBad
May 04, 4:45pm via HootSuite @grist If you’re not planning to check out tomorrow’s ‘Supermoon’, these photos will change your mind: bit.ly/INGyNU
May 04, 9:13pm via Twitter for iPad @newcitiesfound Looks like a great program. Tough to beat Paris too… Someday, thanks for the link.
May 04, 9:05pm via Twitter for iPad Ideas for optimizing #Denver Transit Systemow.ly/1LH3Zx via @Kaid_at_NRDC
May 04, 2:01pm via HootSuite Lessons and Logic of Highways & Associated Cities ow.ly/aGVmZ via @WalkableDFW
May 04, 1:01pm via HootSuite Road Traffic: Single Biggest Source of Fatality for Young People Worldwideow.ly/aGVcd #traffic
May 04, 12:01pm via HootSuite Pub Shed: Mapping your five-minute stumbling distance ow.ly/aGV28#urbanism #beer #PlaceShakers
May 04, 11:01am via HootSuite New #Urbanism CNU at 20: A Recollection-Part 2 ow.ly/aGUvz via Peter Katz & @newurbannetwork #cnu20
May 04, 10:02am via HootSuite New #Urbanism CNU at 20: A Recollection-Part 1 ow.ly/aGUnD via Peter Katz & @newurbannetwork #cnu20
May 04, 9:01am via HootSuite Retrofitting at the scale of the blockow.ly/aGUSb #sprawlrepair
May 03, 8:32pm via HootSuite Great articles and tweets scheduled for tomorrow on the hour starting at 8am MDT. Enjoy!
May 03, 1:00pm via WordPress.com Retrofitting at the Scale of the Blockwp.me/pPAwN-QE
May 03, 11:10am via HootSuite Thanks! @NewUrbanism: The CNU Daily Review is out! bit.ly/ezxryj ▸ Top stories today via @VictorDover @JO_Urbanist@erikarags
May 03, 8:01am via HootSuite Visualizing the ‘edible city’ in three minutesow.ly/aFTCt via @Kaid_at_NRDC#landarch
May 03, 7:05am via HootSuite RT @DoverKohl: Part 2 of Peter Katz on the origins of the CNU leading up to #CNU20bit.ly/KNKEsf @NewUrbanism
May 02, 8:52pm via HootSuite Exactly RT @Archathome: RT @JO_Urbanist: Want more bikers? Build more bike lanes… Same is true for vehicular lanes.=>Too many cars already
May 02, 8:31pm via Twitter for iPhone @CNU_CTX @stevemouzon Congratulations Steve on your well deserved award! You are a champion of the #newurbanism & we thank you.
May 02, 6:01pm via HootSuite Thank you for the recent follows @amandalisasayers @ALOurbn@newcitiesfound & @GoGCampground Only 6 away from the 1k milestone on #Twitter!
May 02, 2:33pm via HootSuite “We stand for the restoration of existing urban centers and towns”#buildabettercongress
May 02, 12:02pm via HootSuite Inverse Relationship of Level of Service & Pedestrian Propulsion: ow.ly/aEpesCongestion & the pedestrian experience#urbanism
May 02, 10:01am via HootSuite Complete Streets: Community Planning 101ow.ly/aDN78 Great video!
May 02, 8:01am via HootSuite The Rise of the Temporary City ow.ly/aCT1Z
May 01, 5:01pm via HootSuite Why bicyclists are better customers than drivers ow.ly/aCr6d via @planetizen
May 01, 3:31pm via HootSuite Experience Urbanism at a reasonable paceow.ly/aCSrb #EVstudio
May 01, 3:05pm via HootSuite RT @ODGdesign: Great move! RT @cityofarvada The City of Arvada is implementing voluntary watering guidelinesow.ly/axxDc
May 01, 2:15pm via HootSuite @clmarohn the “DDI” is planned in#Colorado @CNU_Colorado Would be happy to host you for a @StrongTownsPresentation if you’re ever this way
May 01, 2:01pm via HootSuite Paved with Good Intentions ow.ly/aCqrnvia @StrongTowns
May 01, 1:02pm via HootSuite Our bodies & our auto bodies ow.ly/aCq2w via @capntransit
May 01, 12:05pm via HootSuite On a related note, and as the country’s health continues to decline, walking becomes even better than Free. ow.ly/aCp4a
May 01, 12:01pm via HootSuite “It costs almost $9,000 this year than last year to own and operate the average sized car” ow.ly/aCoHV ow.ly/aCp70
May 01, 11:01am via HootSuite RT @Jenniehef @PPS_Placemaking:#urbanism can be scaled to fit all types of development, from big city to rural: ht.ly/az5ZV
May 01, 10:01am via HootSuite The Evolution of the American Dream, from Colonial Times to Today ow.ly/aBm5K
May 01, 9:02am via HootSuite Cleveland’s Inner City is Growing Faster than its suburbs as Young Adults Flock Downtown ow.ly/aAOzF That’s right, I said…
May 01, 8:05am via HootSuite RT @Urbanism: 2012 cost of operating a motor vehicle bit.ly/JSNHAh
Apr 30, 5:05pm via HootSuite RT @PPS_Placemaking: Interesting take on how coffee shops vitalize urban districts & impact gentrification process: ht.ly/ayPpU
Apr 30, 4:05pm via HootSuite RT @jamtangram: Smart farms: feeding the world’s 7 billion minds shar.es/2bHHP -can the “smart city” approach work for agriculture?
Apr 30, 3:04pm via HootSuite Freeway Lanes Per Capita ow.ly/aA3MS Number 1, not a surprise: #KansasCity via @WalkableDFW
Apr 30, 2:05pm via HootSuite As Traffic Snarls Brazil’s Cities, Officials Plan for More Cars ow.ly/aA1PL
Apr 30, 1:05pm via HootSuite America’s Best Cities for Public Transportation ow.ly/1Lmy2a via @Kaid_at_NRDC
Apr 30, 12:03pm via HootSuite @StrongTowns Provides Five Strategies for Strong Towns ow.ly/aA33B Step One: STOP!
Apr 30, 11:03am via HootSuite Infrastructure Deficit Disorder: The Doctor is in ow.ly/aA2TW via @hblackson#PlaceShakers Dr. = @clmarohn
Apr 30, 10:04am via HootSuite #Miami looks to Red Fields to Solve its Park Space Deficit ow.ly/aA1Ut via @planetizen
Apr 30, 9:05am via HootSuite Christopher Leinberger presents the future of real estate. vimeo.com/16432364Spoiler Alert: #walkable #urbanism
Apr 30, 8:06am via HootSuite 8 Reasons Why We’re Driving Less via Time Moneyland ow.ly/1LmqvX
Apr 30, 6:45am via UberSocial for BlackBerry RT @MarketUrbanism: Food carts:…now they’re on the 17th floor of some building in West Chelsea?! nyti.ms/ImMroE #in
Apr 29, 6:05pm via HootSuite RT @jamtangram: Turning Unused Acres Green ow.ly/1Lpd9C -Brooklyn looks to find productive use for vacant lots
Apr 29, 5:01pm via HootSuite If Your Place Needs a Slogan, It has a Problem ow.ly/aA3uV
Apr 29, 4:01pm via HootSuite Why we need walkable transit-oriented suburbs ow.ly/aAlO8
Apr 29, 3:01pm via HootSuite The Trouble with & Potentially Potential (sic) of Airports ow.ly/aA3FZ via @WalkableDFW
Apr 29, 2:01pm via HootSuite Guerrilla Painting ow.ly/aA39a Making a Difference on an Incremental Basis via @StrongTowns
Apr 29, 12:05pm via HootSuite Is Placemaking a new environmentalism?ow.ly/1Lmxkr a @Kaid_at_NRDC
Apr 29, 11:01am via HootSuite Want more bikers? Build more bike lanes.ow.ly/aA2E2 Coincidentally, the same is true for vehicular lanes.
Apr 29, 10:24am via HootSuite More like DOO (Depend On Others) than DIY… @jamtangramhuff.to/IBOCP4 – interesting in theory; we’ll see how it works in reality.
Apr 29, 10:01am via HootSuite Romney, once an anti-sprawl crusader, created model for Obama #SmartGrowthProgram ow.ly/aA2fW
Apr 29, 9:05am via HootSuite Placemaking as a New Environmentalism: Reinvigorating the Environmental Movement in the 21st Century ow.ly/1LmxFt via @ebkent
Apr 29, 8:05am via HootSuite Can the National Mall be re-imagined as a place for people? ow.ly/1LmwSt via @Kaid_at_NRDC #landarch #urbanism
Apr 29, 7:01am via HootSuite RT @PPS_Placemaking: Widening sidewalks “would spur major economic development. Cars don’t shop.” @Fred_Kentin bit.ly/INktie
Apr 28, 4:01pm via HootSuite The 20 Best Small Towns in America ow.ly/aA2s0 #Durango
Apr 28, 11:44am via TweetDeck @JenHurPlanner Tactical Urbanism = short-term action for long-term change @StreetPlans #urbanism#demopart
Apr 27, 4:14pm via HootSuite Working on a “Gas-Backwards” in the Airport Blvd Form-based Code area in #Austin. Maximizing convenience aspect of a “Convenience Store
Apr 25, 11:02am via TweetDeck @HotelBoulderado I like this, let’s all make this the mantra of the day RT @JO_Urbanist: My phrase of the day: “High Concentration of Awesomeness”
Apr 25, 11:00am via UberSocial for BlackBerry My phrase of the day: “High Concentration of Awesomeness” #urbanism #in
Apr 25, 9:01am via HootSuite RT @hblackson: Here we go! The official dumping of the term: Smart Growth! Why Smart Growth Can’t Be the Only Answer:theatlanticcities.com/design/2012/04…
Apr 25, 8:01am via HootSuite Why Smart Growth Can’t Be the Only Answer via @Kaid_at_NRDC #urbanism ow.ly/auYXy
Apr 24, 10:28pm via HootSuiteLove this quote: “Forget the damned motor car and build the cities for lovers and friends.” – Lewis Mumford