Each year, Fort Carson honors Installation personnel and community stakeholders with Sustainability Awards from Fort Carson. I was one of the honored recipients of the award this year. This was a tremendous honor not only to receive the award but to be in the company of so many great “Sustainability Warriors” in the community and on Fort Carson. Others honored include Frank Kinder, Bob Mooney, Ann and Eric Fetsch, Colonel Jonathan Gibbs, Donald Chase, Greg Willis, Carrie McCausland, Nick Kittle, and Captain Daniel J. Kull.  The honor was great for me, but as I mentioned, it made it all the better to have such amazing company.  To read more about each individual, continue to the article on the following link.
Full Article: Fort Carson Honors Installation and Community Leaders in Sustainability

Frank Kinder of Colorado Springs Utilities accepts a Sustainability Award from Fort Carson at the 2011 Colorado Sustainability Conference.