The Colorado Sustainability Conference wrapped up today at the Antler’s Hilton in Downtown Colorado Springs. It may be because it has wrapped up and I am still full of energy from it, but I do not hesitate to say that it was the best conference that I have attended in Southern Colorado. Great job Catamount Institute and Sustainable Fort Carson!
The progress that has been made in Southern Colorado is simply amazing, and this occurs in a time that the economy is suffering.  I have compiled a few notes from the sessions that I was able to attend, but it will only give a glimpse of the breadth of information from the conference. Some of the notes… most of the notes, are actually tweets. This is a great way to preserve the tweets, however.
Toward Net Zero Water:
This was a session that I facilitated, so my notes were extremely limited. Perhaps if I were like “Sustainovator,” Nick Kittle, who managed to tweet while serving as the Master of Ceremony for the Conference I could have done both, something to aspire for in the future conferences. How do you do it Nick?
I do wish to recognize the speakers in the Toward Net Zero Water session though, because I was extremely proud and impressed by their presentations and professional input.  Our presenters were Kate McMordie Stoughton and Liz Gardener. We had a great Q & A session afterwards where Kate and Liz were joined by Zach Collins, Scott Clark, Curtis Mitchell and David Takeda. Very nice job all!
Luncheon and Keynote Speaker Joel Bourne, National Geographic Contributing Writer
If the bottom Evers falls out on ethanol, we can always drink it.” – Nebraska Farmer
Negative: Projection of water levels to increase by 1 meter by end of the century, due to melting of glaciers, Climate Change.
Negative: The wars of the future will not be fought over oil, but water.
Negative: Studies show 4x ratio in biomass between jelly fish to other fish.
Positive: More than half the fish we eat, come from Aquaculture.
Opportunity: Switchgrass. No need 4 fertilizers, little water
Silver Buck Shot for Food security in 2050

  1. Stop cutting down forests
  2. Close yield gap in hunger zones
  3. More crop per drop, efficient irrigation
  4. Eat less meat
  5. Reduce food waste

What’s Next for Net Zero Energy? Presenters: Tom Hootman, Pete Jefferson, Shanti Pless
@JO_Urbanist: Tom Hootman, RNL: Training Wheels as a Metaphor for LEED. #NetZero requires Climate Responsive Design

  • Some of the buildings just cannot get to Net Zero, so over compensation on buildings such as parking structures is necessary. – Pete
  • Designing buildings prior to electricity and operate as passive as possible. South & north facades daylighting as much as possible… 60-ft span is ideal. -Shanti
  • Owner is critical, cannot simply hire a design build team to get there. -Shanti
  • RFP was critical: no drawings, RFP for NREL Net Zero Building was Performance-based. -Shanti
  • Almost critical to have member of the design build team occupying a space in the building for the first year. -Shanti
  • For every watt saved continuously, it is $33 of PV that is not needed (to get to Net Zero).

Friday Opening Keynote: Growing Healthy Kids and Communities: What can we learn from the Business of School Lunch? Presenter: Debra Eschmeyer, FoodCorps (All Notes were via Twitter)
@Catamount_Inst: “You shouldn’t have to win the lottery to have a healthy lunch” #2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: “There are more prisoners today than Farmers” #2011CSC
@Catamount_Inst: Pizza is a vegetable? Congress says yes!? #2011CSC Unacceptable. Even kids know pizza is not a vegetable.
@Catamount_Inst: “Children participating in Farm to School programs consume an increase of one serving of fruits and vegetables per day” #2011CSC @foodcorps
@JO_Urbanist: School Gardens, Cooking & Taste Tests, and Farm Tours. Great work by @FoodCorps #2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: @FoodCorps not serving in#Colorado ? We need to fix that! #2011CSC Such a great Org!
@JO_Urbanist: 1000 schools will receive $2000 grants for School Gardens from @FoodCorps Apply Today! #2011CSC
@kittlent: more prisoners than farmers is shocking info. Pizza is a veggie? Ridiculous! @foodcorps is doing great work! #2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: “We grew it so we like it a lot more.” via @FoodCorps #2011CSC
@USGBCCOSouth: What a great program the @FoodCorps just presented. Local and healthy food for school lunches, yes please!#2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: “More about the proper relationship with food than obesity.” Healthy eating. @FoodCorps #2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: “Amazing that cooking shows are so popular, but nobody is cooking.” @FoodCorps #2011CSC
10 Sniglets to a Better World Presenter: Nick Kittle (@kittlent)
@JO_Urbanist: @kittlent Ten Sniglets to a Better World: Transportimobilification; Fiscifoolish; Shuggleftulation; Motodrift; Backspackle… #2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: @kittlent Snigglets cont’d: Spubbling; Innovention; Sustainovation; Gapiana; Scandroids Good stuff! Ask Nick what they mean. #2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: @kittlent Technology Adoption Lifecycle. Great stuff! #2011CSC Please send original Nick, love it!
@CollinsAE: @kittlent #sniglets #sustainovation Funniest presentation at the #2011CSC.
@JO_Urbanist: @kittlent “Spubbling: if it is a pain to use a product, it won’t happen… Avoid it!” #2011CSC
@Catamount_Inst: A view of the room with lots of laughing. Great work @kittlent on teaching people about sniglets! #2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: @kittlent “Not a tree hugger, I’m a tree planter” #2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: @kittlent “Are we good about rallying around an idea, or are we good at bringing it down?” #2011CSC
@Catamount_Inst: Time for the breakouts! go check out @RiestererLaw or the other great sessions we have! #2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: Great props given @StrongTowns & @Richard_Florida by @kittlent at the #2011CSC
Green Leases: Removing Obstacles to LEED Certification: Presenter: Ryan Riesterer & Meghan Riesterer
@JO_Urbanist: @RiestererLaw “Green Leases are not simple, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be achieved.” #2011CSC
@kittlent: #COSprings has @RiestererLaw teaching on green leases: Use a bilateral approach & negotiate on key points. Be prepared! #2011CSC
@kittlent: #2011CSC “to negotiate green leases, you need split incentives” b/w landlords and tenants said @RiestererLaw
@kittlent: #2011CSC @RiestererLaw has a talented partner who says measurement is a key to successful green lease partnerships
@JO_Urbanist: @RiestererLaw Tenants could be protected by 20% performance buffer for leaser/leasee in Green Lease. Mutual 3rd Party Energy Verif #2011CSC
@JO_Urbanist: Include good realtor, attorney, local utility in your process of establishing a Green Lease. #2011CSC @RiestererLaw